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Become A Tutor

Why become a Certified Tracey Tutor?

There is a crisis in education in America today. Current methods of education, particularly in the areas of reading, spelling, and comprehension, are not always successful. Teachers are frustrated. Parents are frustrated. Struggling students are frustrated. Overwhelming numbers of students are either non-readers or are reading below grade level. Students with learning challenges are at the greatest risk of failure. Increasingly, older students need tutoring in critical reading before they can pass college entrance exams. All this has opened the door to a great need. Many concerned parents are homeschooling, or looking to the private sector to teach their children Reading and Spelling. Private tutoring is one of the fastest growing fields of employment today.

Certified Tracey Tutors are finding great success. As a private tutor, you can work in your own home, work part time or full time, choose your own hours, and begin at a rate of $40.00 per hour in most areas. Experienced tutors earn more. And the good news is . . . the training required to have your own business as a certified Tracey Tutor is surprisingly short, and costs only a fraction of a bachelor’s level or master’s level college degree.

Who Will Be a Successful Tracey Tutor?

It does not take years of training to become a successful Tracey Tutor. However, it does take a particular kind of person. The ability to communicate what you know in a manner which enables others to comprehend and master it is an innate talent, much like musical talent or artistic talent.

If you have an innate teaching talent, you know it! You were the youngster who gathered up all your brothers, sisters, neighbors, and stuffed animals and sat them all down in front of a blackboard and played school . . . with you as the Teacher!

Tracey Tutor is looking for people with innate teaching ability.

Innate Talent Combined with our Proven Method

The Tracey Tutor method is simplistic, logical, easy to learn, and easy to teach. Our method utilizes much reinforcement so learning will “stick.” Our method has withstood the test of time. We have provided quick and lasting success to students for over twenty years. We will train you in our Tracey Tutor method.

Business Know-How

Once you begin tutoring your own students, you will have income! That requires scheduling appointments, keeping books, and paying income taxes. It is the record keeping aspect of a tutoring business that keeps many people from being successful. We want to make this part simple and easy for you. Tracey Tutor will teach you convenient methods of record keeping, as well as the most effective methods of advertising and growing your business.

We'd Like to Hear From You

Tracey Tutor will help you begin a home-based business which will help meet the great need for private tutors in your area, while providing extra income for you and your family. If you have natural teaching talent and motivation, we give you the methods, the skills, and the business know-how to set up your own tutoring business as a Certified Tracey Tutor.

To learn more, simply fill in the information below and we will respond promptly.

Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a Tracey Tutor!




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