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Dear Tracey Tutor:

I want to thank you for developing the Tracey Tutor program! I have referred several of our students to tutoring using this method and our students are doing so much better! The students feel a sense of accomplishment. Our teachers and parents are very pleased with their progress.

I have been very impressed with our regional tutor, Barbara Markland. Her professionalism has impressed me every time I've had the privilege to meet with her. Clearly, she cares very much about "her" students. She is very enthusiastic about what she does and that enthusiasm is infectious. All of the students from our school who have worked with her have told me how much they ENJOY their tutoring sessions. This is remarkable, given that so often, when students are struggling with something, they avoid doing it, and do not enjoy spending time doing it.

I will continue to refer struggling readers to your program without hesitation. Thank you again for this wonderful program!

Linda Mills, MS
Learning Support Specialist
Blessed Sacrament Huguenot Catholic School

I highly recommend Barbara Markland to anyone who has a child that is struggling with reading. My eleven year old grandson hated going to school because he may be called on to read. His self esteem was at rock bottom. Within just six weeks of working with Barbara he was volunteering to read at school. His self esteem and confidence improved from darkness to sunshine. After every session I asked him if he wanted to continue the tutoring sessions. His answer was always a YES. If the child knows the benefit of the tutoring, who could possibly question it. He continued with her for over a year and steadily improved his reading and comprehension His teachers at school frequently commended on how much his confidence, comprehension, reading, and writing improved.

Joseph D. Roberts
A very pleased Grandfather