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Our Story

Tracey Tutor began over 30 years ago with a mother studying to become a teacher, and her 12-year old daughter who could not read. Stephanie Tracey sought counsel from teachers and school administrators who repeatedly told her,  "Your daughter is not as smart as her brother," or "Your daughter just needs to work harder."   After years of frustration, Stephanie realized that no one had been able to teach her child to read, and made the resolution:

"I will teach my child to read!”

That day, Stephanie embarked on an intense study of how to best teach her daughter ... who was later identified as dyslexic.
The multi-sensory teaching methods and creative materials she developed flourished into a successful tutoring business for
over twenty years. With a passionate desire to help struggling students and enrich the skills of able students, Stephanie created
an effective tutoring program appropriate for both children and adults. Tracey Tutor Reading & Spelling tutors reading, spelling,
and comprehension concurrently, weaves grammar, writing, punctuation, and sentence mechanics through the curriculum,
and produces success for students of all ages and all levels of ability.

Stephanie Tracey

Barbara Markland
Stephanie's dream of marketing an international Tracey Tutor business became a reality when
she partnered with Barbara Markland, author and graphic designer. Together, they transformed
Stephanie's handwritten tutor manuals and educational activities into commercially successful
products which are now used by homeschool parents, public school teachers, and private tutors.
Using four distinct colors for the four levels of curriculum, Stephanie and Barbara created a brand
with products which are quickly identified and easily used by busy teachers, tutors, and
homeschool parents.


Tracey Tutor was created in honor of
Courtney Tracey,
the little girl who could not read...
now a grown woman who reads to her own children.