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Review of Pre-Reader and Early Reader
Reprinted with permission from: reviews

The Tracey Tutor Program is nothing short of amazing! It is a gradual, incremental, thorough, and comprehensive program that will teach you to tutor your older child (or adult student) to overcome learning disabilities and obstacles, and become an outstanding reader.

"The Tracey Tutor Program
is nothing short of
This program was written by Stephanie Tracey, a mother whose dyslexic daughter was in sixth grade and could not read. Despite years of instructions, the schools had been unable to teach her to read. They said she "just needed to try harder," or that she "wasn’t as smart as her brother."
Mrs. Tracey would not accept that answer, and set about to teach her daughter to read. After succeeding at what the schools could not do, Mrs. Tracey worked as a professional Reading Tutor for nearly twenty years, then teamed with Barbara Markland to create a package that other tutors could use to achieve the same successes.

What does the program contain?

First, a look at what it does not contain: There are no dancing bears; no cute catchy songs or nursery rhymes. There aren’t any pictures.
It has nothing that will make an older student feel embarrassed or babied. And, there is nothing that will distract a student of any age from the task of reading.

What it does have is a very gradual and thorough, slow-moving, master-based program that begins at the very first reading lessons (What is a short /a/sound? How do we combine a short /a/ with a /t/ to make a two-letter syllable?) Then it moves on to more and more complex spelling combinations, until your student has thoroughly mastered the art of beginning reading. It covers the short vowel words, consonant-vowel-consonant words, words beginning and ending with blends of two or three consonants, digraphs, r-controlled words, soft /c/ and /g/, /tch/, /dge/, /ng/, /nk/, and common suffixes and how they are added. It does not move on to more difficult phonics concepts, such as diphthongs, long vowels, silent e words, or combinations of vowels.
(Note from Tracey Tutor – These more difficult phonics concepts are covered in Intermediate Reader and Advanced Reader, which were not reviewed by

The Pre-Reader Tutor Manual

The Pre-Reader Tutor Manual is a set of ten lessons which teach the short vowel sounds, consonant sounds, and how to
combine a vowel and consonant to form a two-letter word or syllable. The packet works with one short vowel at a time,
combined with many different consonants. These are the building blocks for later words which will end in two letters –
such as adding a /p/ to /an/ to get pan. This manual includes a Powerpoint DVD with an on-screen discussion of the concepts
being taught, and the “Tracey 2-Tap Pre-Reader” set of manipulatives as well as the “Lots of Letters” packet which teach
introductory reading mastery of the two-letter words or syllables. This set is for the student who has not yet grasped the
concept of basic letter sounds and of blending two letters, and helps ensure a solid foundation is built in this essential skill
before the student begins to attempt the reading of words. This packet stands alone, and is not part of Early Reader.
YELLOW Pre-Reader

The Early Reader Tutor Manual

The Early Reader is keyed to the centerpiece textbook, Dictation Imagination!, which has twenty-eight mastery-based lessons
with drills and word lists of increasing difficulty, sequential learning lessons, lessons that teach a single concept, reinforcement
of mastered concepts, and spelling drills. Each chapter of Dictation Imagination! is keyed to a packet of manipulative cards
in the Dictation Companion , which includes mix-and-match cards, flash cards, and cards which can be folded or moved about
to reinforce new combinations.
BLUE Early Reader