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A Quick Overview of Tracey Tutor Content


Tracey Tutor is a phonics-based, multi-sensory curriculum written for all ages and all levels of ability. Reading and Spelling are taught concurrently in all four levels. To learn more about each level, simply click the color below.

YELLOW Pre-Reader BLUE Early Reader RED Intermediate Reader TAN Advanced Reader



Although some students naturally possess innate abilities in comprehension, many students do not. At Tracey Tutor, we believe that with early intervention and the right tutoring, students can learn skills which will dramatically improve their ability to comprehend what they read. We begin training students in comprehension skills at our earliest reading level, blue Early Reader. This imperative skill-building continues in our subsequent Intermediate Level and Advanced Level.

Early Reader includes our three-book Radical Reader Comprehension series. This series builds skills in comprehension, as well as critical thinking, creativity, and basic grammar. Teacher Workbook lesson plans provide you with an array of fresh activities to utilize to the fullest every comprehension opportunity in every lesson.