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Blue Early Reader is Level 2




Tracey Tutor offers four color-coded levels. In our blue Early Reader, students master reading and spelling of all Closed Syllables with short vowels.
A closed syllable is one vowel followed by one or more consonants. We expand two-letter closed syllables like at to cat to scat to scant to scratch. Students then master the reading and spelling of Vowel-r Syllables containing vowels Influenced by the letter r. Students become skilled in adding suffixes to both Closed syllables and Vowel-r syllables.

Our centerpiece product is our blue Dictation Imagination Tutor Manual, which correlates chapter by chapter with all other blue Early Reader products. Dictation Companion is the companion resource to our Dictation Imagination Tutor Manual. Companion provides over 500 reproducible tactile templates (flash cards, word cards, sentence cards, sentence strips, sort boards, and a variety of activities) for instruction and phonetic reinforcement.

Like our Two Tap in Pre-Reader, our more advanced Tracey Tapper in Early Reader quickens visual recognition and reading of longer words and syllables.

Early Reader includes our three-book Radical Reader Comprehension Series. Our three Radical Reader student books are unique “half-size” books, easily held by all, especially younger students. Each book has an accompanying full-size Teacher Workbook. This series builds skills in reading, comprehension, critical thinking, creativity, and basic grammar. Teacher Workbook lesson plans provide a full array of questions and activities designed to utilize each comprehension opportunity in each lesson to the fullest.

Our Early Reader Divide and Win Workbook provides ample practice in early syllable division.


Scope & Sequence

Section 1 - Closed Syllables
1. Short a
2. Short i
3. Short o
4. Short u
S. Short e
6. Words ending in ff, ll, ss, zz
7. Easy h-digraphs
8. Beginning Consonant s-blends
9. Beginning Consonant l-blends
10. Beginning Consonant r-blends
11. Ending Consonant Blends
12. Beginning and Ending Consonant Blends
13. Advanced h-digraphs
14. 3-letter clusters
15. soft c & soft g
16. ng & nk
17. tch & dge
Section 2 - Vowel-r Syllables
18. ar
19. or
20. er,ir,ur
Section 3 - Suffixes
21. Just add s/es
22. Just add Consonant Suffixes -less, -ness, -ful
23. Just add Vowel Suffixes -ing, -er, -en, -est
24. Just add Vowel Suffix –ed when it sounds like /d/ or /t/
25. Just add Vowel Suffix –ed when it sounds like /ed/
26. Double the Consonant, then add Vowel Suffixes –ing, -er, -en, -est
27. Double the Consonant, then add Vowel Suffix –ed when it sounds like /d/ or /t/
28. Double the Consonant, then add Vowel Suffix –ed when it sounds like /ed/
Section 4 - Master Lists
Suffixes, Multi-syllabic words, Mixed-up -ed Sentences





Our Early Reader Program is our largest, containing a variety of products. Dictation Imagination Tutor Manual and Dictation Companion, containing 28 individually-wrapped packets (one for each chapter) filled with a variety of word cards, sentence cards, bendie cards, suffix cards, sort boards, and more for mutli-sensory reinforcement of each lesson. Tracey Tapper, our laminated board with three sets of colorful flash cards and mini Tutor Manual. Beginning with two-letter chunk syllables such as /at/, Tapper takes your students through more complicated short vowel blends words such as /thatch/, and /trudge/. This fast-paced activity builds skill level quickly. Radical Reader, our Comprehension piece, with three Teacher Workbooks and three student-sized Radical Readers correlate to each of the 28 lessons. Everything you need to build a solid foundation in reading, writing, and spelling, and train your student to comprehend written text. A variety of comprehension questions of increasing difficulty in the Teacher Workbook, as well as fun, effective reinforcement activities correlate page by page with Student Book. We provide the questions ... you ask them! Divide & Win, our Syllabication piece, uses all the skills learned in our Early Reader program. Students graduate to dividing words into syllables. Students love this colorful and fun workbook that takes them from the sounds of the letters ... to reading closed syllables ... vowel-r syllables ... multisyllabic words ... and finally, learning the basic skills needed to divide words into syllables. Early Reader also includes our unique Tracey Tablet, our Recordation piece; our two-sided laminated My Tracey Board! and My Divider Board!; and Spelling Drills Sheets for practice.

Includes 13 Products:

  1. Dictation Imagination!
  2. Dictation Companion
  3. Tracey Tapper
  4. Divide & Win! Workbook
  5. Radical Reader Student Workbook 1
  6. Radical Reader Teacher Workbook 1
  7. Radical Reader Student Workbook 2
  8. Radical Reader Teacher Workbook 2
  9. Radical Reader Student Workbook 3
  10. Radical Reader Teacher Workbook 3
  11. Tracey Tablet
  12. Spelling Drill Sheet
  13. My Tracey Board / My Divider Board



Word play with magnetic letters benefits all students. Uppercase and lowercase magnetic letters featuring blue consonants and red vowels are stored alphabetically in our convenient plastic case. Students love Lots of Letters! Also inside the case is our laminated My Letter Board and its useful instructions, teaching students the important skill of letter line placement while reinforcing reading and spelling.

DIVIDE & WIN Student Workbook $20.00

DIVIDE & WIN Student Workbook

Using all the skills they learn in our Early Reader Program, Tracey Tutor students graduate to dividing words into syllables. Students love this colorful and fun workbook that takes them from the sounds of the letters ... to reading closed syllables ... vowel-r syllables ... multi-syllabic words ... and finally, learning the basic skills necessary to divide words into syllables.

2-Sided Dry Erase Lapboard

2-Sided Dry Erase Lapboard

Multisensory reinforcement of reading, writing and spelling skills. My Divider Board provides student a fun format to practice spelling countless words or syllables. My Tracey Board provides a fun format for writing dictated sentences
or creating sentences. Student simply flips the board to switch back and forth from one activity to the next. Two teaching tools in one resource. Students love dry erase boards!

SPELLING DRILL SHEETS Student Resource $8.00


Highly effective practice resource.
Distinctively-shaped lined drill sheets visually aid students in spelling syllables or words. Drill sheets can be used as students progress from writing three-letter words, such as c a t to cluster words such as spr i nt to multisyllabic words such as fan tas tic. The "visual" effect of Spelling Drill Sheets accelerates student's reasoning in hearing and spelling words correctly.
Spelling Drill Sheets also serve as documentation for student's daily spelling progress.

Using Early Reader: "What will my First Day be like?"

How to Use the Products in the Tracey Tutor Early Reader Program

DICTATION IMAGINATION is the centerpiece of the Tracey Tutor Early Reader Program. It will be your guide as you teach your student. It is important to acquaint yourself with this TUTOR MANUAL by thoroughly reading all the introductory pages and Table of Contents, and by looking over the entire content of the book. There are 28 chapters. Each chapter has at least four pages. Every page has Tutor Instructions at the top. Let’s work with the four pages of Chapter 1, one page at a time.

WORD LIST – Page 1

Your student must learn to Read the Words from the Word List

Each chapter begins with a WORD LIST Page which includes Tutor Instructions and a list of words to be mastered in the chapter. The goal of the WORD LIST page is for the student to read all the words by sounding them out phonetically.

Read Chapter 1 WORD LIST page. In this chapter, your student will learn to read short a words, as indicated in the upper right-hand corner. Use DICTATION COMPANION Packets & TRACEY TAPPER (two other products in the program) to teach your student to read these short a words.


Your handy Dictation Companion contains 28 packets corresponding to the 28 chapters in your Dictation Imagination Tutor Manual. In each packet there is a yellow Inventory Card, as well as reproducible flash cards, words cards, sort boards, and multi-sensory activities. The Inventory Card lists the materials and activities in the packet, and gives suggestions and ideas of how to use the activities to teach your student.

Examine the Chapter 1 Inventory and materials with your student. Discuss how these activities will be helpful in learning to read the words. Together you can reproduce, cut, sort, and store the activities. Encourage your student to “see the Big Picture” of the chapter and take maturity-appropriate responsibility for his/her own learning.


The Tracey Tapper, an activity with a laminated board and three card stacks, combines phonics and visual reading with highly effective TAP – TAP – SLIDE hand motions. The Tapper Instructions booklet gives clear instructions of what to do and which cards to use for each chapter in the Dictation ImaginationTutor Manual. Look through the Tapper Instructions booklet and carefully read the instructions which correspond to Dictation Imagination Chapter 1. Use the Tapper concurrently with Dictation Companion activities.

The Dictation Companion activities help your student learn to sound out the words and read them in sentences. The invaluable Tracey Tapper dramatically improves word recognition speed. The various multi-sensory learning possibilities of these two products remove the threat of boredom while keeping your student engaged and actively learning.

Learning to read the WORD LIST words could take one day or many days. Do not be concerned about how long it takes. Decide in advance to move on only when mastery comes. Eventually, you will notice that your student has a confident ease when working with Companion activities. Your student will exhibit greater speed and a new comfort level when working with Tracey Tapper. As you see your student nearing a 100% accuracy performance in all activities, move on to Chapter 1, Page 2.

NOTE: Ideally, your student will master reading WORD LIST words before moving on to SPELLING DRILLS. However, some students may not be able to reach reading mastery without concurrent practice in spelling the words as well. In that case, move on to the SPELLING DRILLS before your student reaches reading mastery.


Your student must learn to Spell the Words from the Word List

After your student has learned to read the words in this chapter, he/she must learn to spell them. The SPELLING DRILLS page provides carefully selected drills of increasing difficulty to achieve and confirm spelling mastery. The number of drills per session and session length will be determined by student ability. Advance your student as quickly as possible, but never frustrate your student. Aim for 100% mastery.

Use MY TRACEY BOARD for practice. Date and store SPELLING DRILL SHEETS to document progress. If you own our Tracey Tutor LOTS OF LETTERS, have your student arrange selected letters to accurately spell dictated words. This tactile practice will greatly accelerate mastery. Never move beyond Spelling Drills until your student has mastered both the reading and spelling of all WORD LIST words.

NOUNS and VERBS – Page 3

Your student will learn to Use the Words from the Word List to Create Sentences

Tracey Tutor provides a selection of words from the WORD LIST to use for sentence creation. These words are categorized according to Noun, Verb, Other. Choose words from Chapter 1 NOUNS AND VERBS page to list on the board. Then model for your student how to write accurate sentence(s) using short a words. As you advance in Dictation Imagination, you will model less and your student will take greater responsibility for sentence creation.


Your student will learn to Write Accurate Sentences using the Words from the Word List

The ultimate requirement of Dictation Imagination is for your student to write accurate sentences using only words from the current and previous chapters. An abundance of sentences is provided for dictation. True spelling mastery is evidenced when your student can spell the chapter words correctly within a sentence, with the added challenges of mingled letter patterns, capitalization, and punctuation. In Chapter 1, the goal is for your student to write these short a sentences with near 100% accuracy. Use MY TRACEY BOARD for practice.

When Do I Introduce Divide & Win?

This whimsical kid-favorite takes your student to the next level. After Dictation Imagination Chapter 20, your student will be able to


Our Early Reader Program includes the Radical Reader Teacher & Student Books. The Radical Reader Series is designed as the Comprehension component of our Early Reader Program. Radical Reader aggressively strengthens skills in reading, writing, early grammar, sentence mechanics, critical and intuitive thinking, and creativity. Read the Teacher Workbook introductory pages and view content samples to discover the wealth of this unique resource. Our Radical Reader Series follows the exact sequence of the Dictation Imagination Tutor Manual. Introduce Chapter 1 halfway through Dictation Imagination Chapter 1.

TRACEY TABLET is our recordation piece for Radical Reader dictated sentences and stories.