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Early Reader

Intermediate Reader

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Blue Early Reader is Level 2




Tracey Tutor offers four color-coded levels. In our blue Early Reader, students master reading and spelling of all Closed Syllables with short vowels.
A closed syllable is one vowel followed by one or more consonants. We expand two-letter closed syllables like at to cat to scat to scant to scratch. Students then master the reading and spelling of Vowel-r Syllables containing vowels Influenced by the letter r. Students become skilled in adding suffixes to both Closed syllables and Vowel-r syllables.

Our centerpiece product is our blue Dictation Imagination Tutor Manual, which correlates chapter by chapter with all other blue Early Reader products. Dictation Companion is the companion resource to our Dictation Imagination Tutor Manual. Companion provides over 500 reproducible tactile templates (flash cards, word cards, sentence cards, sentence strips, sort boards, and a variety of activities) for instruction and phonetic reinforcement.

Like our Two Tap in Pre-Reader, our more advanced Tracey Tapper in Early Reader quickens visual recognition and reading of longer words and syllables.

Early Reader includes our three-book Radical Reader Comprehension Series. Our three Radical Reader student books are unique “half-size” books, easily held by all, especially younger students. Each book has an accompanying full-size Teacher Workbook. This series builds skills in reading, comprehension, critical thinking, creativity, and basic grammar. Teacher Workbook lesson plans provide a full array of questions and activities designed to utilize each comprehension opportunity in each lesson to the fullest.

Our Early Reader Divide and Win Workbook provides ample practice in early syllable division.


Scope & Sequence

Section 1 - Closed Syllables
1. Short a
2. Short i
3. Short o
4. Short u
S. Short e
6. Words ending in ff, ll, ss, zz
7. Easy h-digraphs
8. Beginning Consonant s-blends
9. Beginning Consonant l-blends
10. Beginning Consonant r-blends
11. Ending Consonant Blends
12. Beginning and Ending Consonant Blends
13. Advanced h-digraphs
14. 3-letter clusters
15. soft c & soft g
16. ng & nk
17. tch & dge
Section 2 - Vowel-r Syllables
18. ar
19. or
20. er,ir,ur
Section 3 - Suffixes
21. Just add s/es
22. Just add Consonant Suffixes -less, -ness, -ful
23. Just add Vowel Suffixes -ing, -er, -en, -est
24. Just add Vowel Suffix –ed when it sounds like /d/ or /t/
25. Just add Vowel Suffix –ed when it sounds like /ed/
26. Double the Consonant, then add Vowel Suffixes –ing, -er, -en, -est
27. Double the Consonant, then add Vowel Suffix –ed when it sounds like /d/ or /t/
28. Double the Consonant, then add Vowel Suffix –ed when it sounds like /ed/
Section 4 - Master Lists
Suffixes, Multi-syllabic words, Mixed-up -ed Sentences