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Yellow Pre-Reader is Level 1




Tracey Tutor offers four color-coded levels.  Our yellow Pre-Reader begins with extensive Tutor Training, which prepares the tutor to guide students in progressive mastery of Tracey Tutor Pre-Reader concepts and skills.  

Students first master the sight, sound, and spelling of single vowels and consonants, and are then introduced to the smallest closed syllables (one short vowel followed by one consonant).  Students master these single letters and two-letter closed syllables through the use of our colorful and interactive DVD and our unique Two Tap activity, which quickens visual recognition and reading.  Students who cannot yet write learn to spell two-letter syllables by using colorful magnetic letters.   

In preparation for writing, Tracey Tutor students learn the imperative pre-writing skills of "letter line placement" and "where to place the pencil to begin."
The early pairing of these two skills at this young age is unique to Tracey Tutor.   

Worksheets provide additional multi-sensory tactile reinforcement.

Scope & Sequence

Chapter 1 Tutor Training
Chapter 2 Vowels – Names and Sounds
Chapter 3 Consonants – Names and Sounds
Chapter 4 Short a Two-Letter Closed Syllables
Chapter 5 Short i Two-Letter Closed Syllables
Chapter 6 Short o Two-Letter Closed Syllables
Chapter 7 Short u Two-Letter Closed Syllables
Chapter 8 Short e Two-Letter Closed Syllables
Chapter 9 More Consonants – Names and Sounds
Chapter 10 Read and Spell Words