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Red Intermediate Reader is Level 3




Tracey Tutor offers four color-coded levels. In our red Intermediate Reader, students master the reading and spelling of Open Syllables, Magic e Syllables, and Vowel Pals Syllables. All three of these syllable types contain the long vowel sound. Students are also introduced to Tricky Vowel Pals Syllables containing diphthongs. Diphthongs are vowel pairs with an unusual sound which is neither long nor short. Students become skilled in recognizing the unstressed Schwa vowel, predicting accent patterns, and adding suffixes to all these syllable types. Intense skill building in comprehension continues throughout our Intermediate Level.

Our centerpiece product is our red Dictation Imagination Tutor Manual, which correlates chapter by chapter with all other red Intermediate products. Dictation Companion is the companion resource to our Dictation Imagination Tutor Manual. Our Intermediate Dictation Companion provides hundreds of assorted manipulative templates (flash cards, word cards, sentence cards, sort boards, games, charts, spelling sheets, and a variety of activities) for instruction and phonetic reinforcement.

At this Red level, students also learn to read and spell 90 high-frequency, nonphonetic Wild Words! using our interactive DVD and letter tiles. Our Wild Words! are printed dramatically and memorably with white letters on large black glossy cards.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the red Intermediate Level is our "slowly progressing method" of preparing your student to become a competent and confident creative writer. At first ... no pencil ... no paper. We provide the topic sentence for the paragraph. Your student will learn to brainstorm with you while thinking of ideas to develop the paragraph. At this point, nothing needs to be written. No pressure! Simply brainstorming!

But interestingly, as the weeks go by, students want to record their ideas. Your student might be eager to pick up the pencil and jot down ideas. Other students might prefer to dictate ideas to you while you type on the computer. At this point, follow the lead of your student.

Gradually over a period of months, students learn – under your guidance – the steps to creating a written essay. They will learn to make an outline of their ideas. Later, they will learn to prepare and edit a rough draft. It is not until the very end of our Intermediate Level that students complete the process. They reach "the mountaintop" ... they prepare a final essay for the first time!

Intermediate Reader ends with a glimpse into the Smart Syllables your student will be learning in our tan Advanced Reader.


Scope & Sequence

Section 1 - Open Syllables
  Chapter 1 Long a
  Chapter 2 Long e
  Chapter 3 Long i
  Chapter 4 Long o
  Chapter 5 Long u
  Chapter 6 y as Long i
  Chapter 7 y as Long e
Section 2 - Magic-e Syllables
  Chapter 8 Long a
  Chapter 9 Long i
  Chapter 10 Long o
  Chapter 11 Long e and Long u
Section 3 - Vowel Pals Syllables
  Chapter 12 Long a
  Chapter 13 Long e
  Chapter 14 Long i
  Chapter 15 Long o
  Chapter 16 Long u
Section 4 - Tricky Vowel Pal Syllables (Diphthongs)
  Chapter 17 oo and oo
  Chapter 18 ou and ow
  Chapter 19 oi and oy
  Chapter 20 au and aw, augh and ough
Section 5 - Smart Syllables
  Chapter 21 A Taste of Advanced Reading